MoveEasy101 live online every Tuesday at noon Central Time. Join Us!

MoveEasy101 makes the Intelligent Movement Forever system of healthy movement available to you no matter where you live. All you need is a quiet space and a good internet connection.

You will learn and practice IMF in the convenience of your home or hotel room. 

Here is our payment structure below. Click on the Paypal Button to right of the payment option you choose to sign up!

Drop-in – 250 pesos (12.50 USD) – expires in one week. 


10 class package – 1800 pesos (90 USD) – expires in 3 months – rate per class 180 pesos ($9 USD)

20 class package –  3000 pesos $150 USD – expires in 6 months – rate per class 150 pesos ($7.50 USD)

52 class package – 5000 pesos $260 USD – expires in 14 months – rate per class 96 pesos ($5.00 USD)


NOTE FOR PV PEEPS: If you purchase any of these class packages, you can use them online or at the weekly IMF class at Yoga Vallarta! Click here for more details about the IMF Class in Puerto Vallarta.