I am a distributor for Kangen Water Machines. Kangen Water is an alkaline water that has amazing healthy benefits. Click here to check out the very informative website of my upline distributor. I am too busy managing m(y IMF website to put up a Kangen Water website!) Contact me if you are interested in Kangen Water. It is an important part of my healthy lifestyle protocol.

My Kangen Water Story:

I have been drinking Kangen Water since January of 2018. As I understand it, Kangen Water helps to create balance of homeostasis in the body. Over time, it improves basic body functions and addresses and prevents dis-ease. Here are the changes that I have noticed for myself:

1. Improved hydration. I noticed this right away in the appearance of my skin and fewer and softer wrinkles.

2. Improved circulation in my feet (and probably elsewhere). I had had chronic and extreme and painful cold feet for about 4 years prior. Went to doctors in US and MX and nothing helped. After several months drinking KW, I noticed that my feet were not as cold as before. I still wear socks around the house, but I hardly ever use the electric blankets that had been my only previous solution.

3. Chronic cold sores when exposed to too much sun and/or stress. For 10 years prior I had been taking 1 gram daily of Valtrex to keep my oral herpes virus at bay. After about 3 months of drinking KW, I noticed that I didn’t need to take Valtrex anymore. No more side effects!

4. Dramatic improvement in chronic dry eye symptoms. In addition to eye drops at night, I am using 11 ph (higher ph than Kangen drinking water) in an eye cup 2-6 times daily for both eyes. And soaking the eye cup in 2.5 (highly acidic) Kangen Water to sterilize it before each use. I dip a washcloth in 2.5 and put 2.5 on my eyelids. The Kangen Water machine produces a spectrum of alkaline and acidic water, including water for drinking, and a variety of other uses.  

5. I use Kangen water as a facial toner and to replace conditioner after I shampoo my hair. I used 6.0 ph Kangen Water to rinse my hair and 2.5 for facial toner. But 6.0 ph is recommended for facial toner for younger skin (under 50). I like these practices. I like my the quality of my skin and hair using them. But it is harder to measure directly.

As you can imagine, I am sold on Kangen Water because it has addressed several health issues that were not addressed my any of my other healthful practices.