Hypopressives Help with Incontinence, Prolapse, and more

Hypopressives were developed to replace classical abdominal exercises Today, I am going to introduce you to one of the many “Movement as Medicine” modalities available in Puerto Vallarta. It’s called “hypopressives” or, in Spanish, “hipopresivos.” It is also known as “low-pressure fitness.” Marcel Cualfriez developed hypopressive exercise in Spain in the 1980s for post-natal women. […]

Postural Plasticity: the Good News and the Bad News

What we need to know about neuroplasticity is that repetition of any movement pattern embeds that pattern.  Our bodies are not machines. They adapt. They adapt to the things that we repeat often. They forget the things we forget. We call this “neuroplasticity.” The body talks and the brain listens and adapts. “Postural plasticity” is […]