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 Our 90-day online course, MOVEEASY101, starts is Jan. 8, 2018

MoveEasy101 is tailor-made for you if it hurts to move and you want to change that.

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Want a preview of MoveEasy101? Join our Special Event on Dec. 28! a one-hour MoveEasy101 lesson for $7. Check it out here.




8 Props To Help You Move Easy, an e-booklet

Download this FREE e-booklet for my personal recommendations for props that will help you move without pain in your home practice or your online course. My students asked for this and now I am making it available to you for FREE.



Join me to learn how to move healthy the IMF way. I am teaching an IMF specialty class at Yoga Vallarta on Tuesdays at 1-2 pm starting Nov. 14, 2017. Yoga Vallarta is a big, beautiful studio with air conditioning in Old Town Vallarta.

What is Intelligent Movement? Intelligent Movement is movement and is aware, aligned, and pure, like the human body was designed to move, or movement that is becoming aware, aligned, and pure.

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays. Contact me at for more information.

You can create a better quality of life for yourself by changing the way you move.

Age is just a number and pain can be tamed, when you know how to move well.

Intelligent Movement Forever will help you with all this and more!

Eliminate Pain Naturally

Stand and Sit Taller

Increase Balance, Agility, and Body Awareness

Feel and Look Younger

Session Information

» Contact me to schedule a private session in-person or online. 

Location Information.

» I can schedule an in-person session with you online wherever you are or in person if you and I are in the same town. I spend the winter months in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX and the summer months in Newberg, OR, USA.



MoveEasy101 starts Jan. 8. Sign Up Now!

Intelligent Movement Forever is excited and proud to offer MoveEasy101, our first online course, which is tailor-made for you if it hurts when you move, you want to change that and you don’t know where to start. This course will start Jan. 8. Sign up early and enjoy discount prices. See below.

MoveEasy101 is a 90-day online course introducing the principles of Intelligent Movement Forever. After 90 days, you will feel and look younger, move without pain, better understand how your body moves and works, and have all the information and materials you need to support your new MoveEasy practice and your new well-beingness. MoveEasy101 is a virtual classroom that blends group instruction and private attention.

MoveEasy101 includes 11 live lessons, 11 live Q&A sessions, audio and video replays of live events, IMF Learning Triplets to make learning easy and fun, inspired coaching by Via Anderson, IMF founder, support from the MoveEasy101 tribe, bonus materials, and resources to support your new healthy movement lifestyle.

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Let's Connect!

You want to learn to move without pain and I want to help you do that. Contact me at to schedule a private session in person or online. I am also teaching a weekly IMF class at Yoga Vallarta, starting Nov. 14, for the winter season. Contact me for more information.

.Or meet me online in the MoveEasy101 virtual classroom! See more information above or click here.

Let me know if you are interested in scheduling a class or workshop at your studio, spa, resort, hotel, or condominium complex. I am eager to support you in your healthy movement lifestyle.