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“Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

Edward Stanley (1826-1893)


I am in Oregon. I am returning to Puerto Vallarta on Sept. 13 and I will be spending most of the year there from now on.
I am closing my Online store which is located in Oregon because I can’t manage it easily from Mexico.
If you want to order anything between now and Sept. 13, I can ship it to you in the US or Canada and give you a 10% discount off the price on the website (shipping is an additional charge). Contact me directly at via@moveeasy101 for your order. Do not use the form.
If you are coming to Puerto Vallarta, I will still maintain a few items for sale there but no shipping.

The IMF Store Options

Lumbar Stability Ball in a Backpack. $30.00 each

This 8″ inflatable, no-latex ball is a great tool for creating LUMBAR STABILITY  for yourself. It is now available in a backpack to make it even easier for you to take with you wherever you go. Easy to adjust inflation and placement to what works for you. Comes with a 14″x18″ polyester drawstring backpack.

Instructions: Inflate the ball to your preference (and adjust later as needed). I recommend inflating between 75% and 95%. (In the photo it is inflated to approximately 90%.) Put the ball in the drawstring backpack. Find the right inflation and the right placement for your own body. The exact placement and the most helpful inflation level may vary from day to day and depending on you. 

The Lumbar Stability Ball supports and stabilizes the lumbar spine to relieve lower back pain and strain. It also allows you to open the front of the chest and maintain a seated good posture. The more you use the ball, the more you will find ways to use it. At the office, watching TV, sitting in a wheelchair, driving the car, riding a motorcycle, riding pillion on the backseat of a Can-Am Spyder (like I am). Any time you are seated, you can use your Lumbar Stability Ball to stabilize your lumbar spine while sitting. And placing the LSB in its drawstring backpack, you can easily move from one place and always have the lumbar support you need without extra effort.

Half Round Foam Calf Stretcher. $11.99 each

I added these 12″ HALF ROUND CALF STRETCHERS to my IMF store because I think they are a great tool for stretching the calves. I have two half rounds myself and they are dedicated to calf stretches. I place one on the floor in front on my kitchen sink and one on the floor in front of my bathroom sink. Lay the flat side on the floor (not like the picture) with the round up.

Instructions: Stretch one calf (and then the other), by placing the ball of your foot on the half round foam and keeping your heel on the floor. While I am brushing my teeth, putting on make-up, washing dishes or preparing dinner. The calves are always tight and believe it or not tightness in the calves can not only affect the hips and the knees but also the upper back and posture. Releasing your calves will help release the entire back body line.

Alpha Massage Balls by The Roll Model (twin set). $26.99 each set

The ALPHA TWIN Set is my favorite size (3.5″ diameter) of The Roll Model Self-Massage Therapy Balls by Yoga Tune Up, so I am offering it for sale here. The Alpha Balls can be used as a pair or singly on the floor or against the wall to relieve stress, unwind knots, and loosen locked muscles, penetrating through layers of skin, fascia, and muscle and massaging deeply into your high tension areas. I use these therapy balls in my own private practice and in my private sessions. Your purchase will also include an IMF Guide for using the Alphas to release neck and jaw tension. This sequence is easy to learn, amazingly delicious and may finally help resolve , Forward Head Posture, TMJ and annoying headaches for you. But the balls can also be used along the spine, QL, IT band, hips, butts, upper back, and other large muscle mass. Learn more about using the Alpha balls at my classes, workshops or privates. Or check out free YouTube videos online.


Thoracic Mobility Strips (pair). $19.99 for the pair

Adding the Thoracic Mobility Strips to your practice will help release the upper back between your shoulder blades (scapulae). We often hold a lot of tension in this region and it is hard to release. Follow the instructions provided to create an environment for release. When you release upper back tension, you will create better biomechanics in your upper back, shoulders, and down your arms. Your posture will improve and your ability to breath easily and smoothly will be enhanced. Start slowly. Maybe you will choose to use just one strip at first and use both strips, stacked, later after your upper back has begun to release. I use these strips everyday in my practice. My clients love them. They are a simple tool, easy to use, with a big impact.


Plus Massage Balls by the Roll Model (two in a set). $14.99 for the set.  

Slightly larger than the original Therapy Balls (but smaller than the Alpha therapy balls), these measure about 2 3/4″ in diameter and were developed by popular demand. They cover more surface area and add height to obtain a greater depth of pressure. Use them in their custom designed snug-grip mesh tote for spine rolls (top of the neck, down to the sacrum), as well as IT band & thigh rolls and so much more! Instructions for footwork using the Plus therapy balls is included.