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“Without awareness, there is no choice.”

John F. Barnes

Movement RX for Acute Lower Back Pain

Dear Movers, Have you ever experienced lower back pain (LBP) that makes you miss work or play? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Lower back pain is one of the most common health issues that we face today. If you have experienced or are experiencing LBP, you may...

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7 Tips for Creating Healthy Habits

Dear Movers, In this column, I am going to consider with you the possibility of creating a new healthy habit and how to do that. The topic arose for me, and now for you, when I started, but did not complete a 30-day squat challenge for myself on January 1 of this year...

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Finding Good Posture at August 5 Artwalk

Click here to download the flyer for a Special Event that Oregon Massage Clinic and Intelligent Movement forever, will be presenting at the August 5 First Friday Artwalk and Oregon Massage Clinic in Downtown Newberg.At this free event, I will be speaking about...

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