Click here to download the flyer for a Special Event that Oregon Massage Clinic and Intelligent Movement forever, will be presenting at the August 5 First Friday Artwalk and Oregon Massage Clinic in Downtown Newberg.

At this free event, I will be speaking about “Finding Good Posture” every half hour starting at 5pm, with the last presentation at 6:30 pm. Each presentation will include audience participation and time for questions and answers.

Come join us if you notice that you round your shoulders or keep your head forward in front of your shoulders, while you are driving, watching TV, sitting at your desk, texting on your cell phone. We live in a culture where bad postural habits prevail. They are easy to acquire and easy to keep. These habits, repeated often enough, can lead to repetitive stress injury and chronic pain. They can contribute to tightness and discomfort in the lower back and upper back. 

In order to attain Good Posture, we must know what it is & find it in our own bodies. Come to this Special Event to learn what makes Good Posture and find it in your own body.