Dear Mover Lovers and Holiday Shoppers,

Would you like to give the gift of healthier movement this year? I have some ideas for you.

This year I added an IMF online store where I am selling a few items, hand-picked by me, that will support your healthy movement or….. the healthy movement of your friends and family. Most of them are small enough to be stocking stuffers, while a few will need to sit under the Christmas tree. All of them will help the user move better and feel better. What better gift than that!

Here is my list and commentary.

  1. Wearable Lumbar Stability Ball. $40.00USD. This is my favorite. My clients and students love the LSB too. My husband, John, and I developed the LSB to provide lumbar support for me while I rode as a backseat passenger on his Spyder (a three-wheel motorcycle). It worked. I rode 9,000 miles across the country and back in 2014. I’ve been riding ever since. But I would ride without my LSB. Lower back pain is epidemic. The LSB provides lumbar support whenever and wherever you are sitting: at the office, at a restaurant, on a motorcycle, etc. I’ll be you know someone who could use one!
  2. Half Foam Calf Stretcher. $11.99USD.. This Half Foam is a simple, effective way to keep stretching the caves. I have one at my kitchen sink and one at my bathroom sink, so I can stretch my calves whenever I am brushing my teeth or cooking dinner or washing dishes. My calves are addicted to these stretches, which are also good for the feet and ankles. I have a client who has completely eradicated her plantar fasciitis using the half foam calf stretcher. Stretching your calves every day is committed self-care. Help your friends and family help themselves by getting them a half foam calf stretcher!
  3. Alpha Therapy Balls. $26.99USD. The ALPHA TWIN Set is my favorite size (3.5″ diameter) of The Roll Model Self-Massage Therapy Balls by Yoga Tune Up. The Alpha Balls can be used as a pair or singly on the floor or against the wall to relieve stress, unwind knots, and loosen locked muscles. I use these therapy balls in my own private practice and in my private sessions. Your purchase will also include an IMF Guide for using the Alphas to release neck and jaw tension. This sequence is easy to learn, amazingly delicious and may finally resolve Forward Head Posture, TMJ, headaches, and insomnia. And these balls can also be used along the spine, QL, IT band, hips, butts, upper back, and other large muscle mass. Alpha Therapy Balls are the perfect stocking gift for friends and family.
  4. Thoracic Mobility Strips. $24.99USD. If you want to help your friends and family reverse postural issues with a very simple tool, consider Thoracic Mobility strips. Instructions for using the strips is included. Laying on your back with two TMC strips stacked evenly vertically along the upper back will release the upper back between the shoulder blades (scapulae). Most people hold tension in this region and it is hard to release. Help your friends and family create an environment for releasing upper back tension.release. Help them create better biomechanics in the upper back, shoulders, and down the arms. In addition to improving posture, Using TM strips also helps with breath. They are a simple tool, easy to use, and have a big impact.
  5. Plus Therapy Balls. $14.99USD. I added these YTU Therapy Balls to my online store because I had a client who had a breakthrough using these balls to release tension in her buttocks, which in turn, relieved her lower back pain. She liked them better than the larger Alpha Therapy Balls I was already selling. The Plus Therapy Balls measure about 2 3/4″ in diameter. They cover more surface area than the original Therapy Balls and add height to obtain a greater depth of pressure. (The bigger the diameter, the greater the depth of pressure.) I like the Plus Therapy Balls better than the Alpha Balls for footwork. Otherwise, choosing between Alpha and Plus is really a personal preference. If you buy both for pairs, you can’t go wrong. Instructions for footwork using the Plus therapy balls is included.

     I hope that this list inspires you to give a gift that keeps on giving, supporting your friends and family to move better and feel better.

     PLEASE NOTE: Since I spend 6 months in Oregon and 6 months in Puerto Vallarta and since I am in Puerto Vallarta right now, shopping at my online store will depend on where you live.

     If you live in Oregon or anywhere in the US,  the IMF online store is up and running while I am out the country. Just click on the buy button and follow the instructions.

      If you live in Puerto Vallarta.  I am not able to ship items internationally. But you can contact me locally. I brought a few these items down to PV so you can also purchases items from my IMF store by contacting me at I am also selling gift certificates for private IMF sessions. Contact me for more information.

      Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you are celebrating and sending you the very best wishes for a Happy New Year. I am so grateful for my own good health and the opportunity to help all of you move better and feel better.

Health is Wealth and Movement is Medicine