Standing Good Posture Guide from I ♥ IMF is now downloadable here.

I am always trying to figure out ways to help my clients with the issues that concern them most. Some of the most common  comments questions concerns expressed by my clients, include these: “How can I keep from rounding my shoulders?” or “Can I stop the pain in my upper back?” or “Why do I have a hump at the base of the back of my neck? or  “Why does my lower back hurt all the time?” Do they sound familiar to you?

A good place to start addressing any discomfort or pain in the shoulders or spine is in the very simple act of standing in good posture. But in order to have Good Posture, we must know what it is and find it in our own bodies.

To help with this, I have developed a Good Posture Guide as part of my I ♥ IMF series.  You can download it here. I suggest that you use the guide to start working on your own Good Posture. Begin your practice by sitting quietly or lying on your back with your knees bent. Breathe in. Breathe out. Become aware of your breath without trying to change it. Stay there for a few minutes until you are settled in your body. Then continue your practice using the  Good Posture Guide that you have downloaded. Make sure that you find ease in your Good Posture. You should feel like your body is working with you. Avoid any stance that feels rigid or stiff. Remember to breathe! Enjoy your practice. Tell me what you think.♥