IMF Testimonials

“Are you moving poorly because you’re in pain? OR are you in pain because you’re moving poorly?”

Gray Cook

What people have to say about their IMF experiences!

"And, I’ll see you tomorrow. BTW, my back, posture, and body well-being are surprisingly GREAT. I attribute this to the work I’ve been doing with you. I’m actually amazed because I didn’t think I’d feel much results but it’s like I suddenly keep my back/spine/hips/ etc… stacked and aligned without even thinking about it. AND…I totally rode better! This weekend was the first time in such a long time that I’ve been able to open up my chest and use my mid back strongly without hunching!!! I’m excited." [PS. Her horse took first place in the competition.]

Adrienne R., webmaster, horsewoman

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be introduced to the healing power of Intelligent Movement Forever working with Via Anderson while in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Over the years I have experienced numerous methods of relieving/managing chronic pain from head to toe including pain medication (yuck), chiropractic (mixed results), massage (yum, but short term) and yoga (hooray)! Others methods include from classic physical therapy to acupuncture. While there was some relief from these methods, none corrected the problematic issues systemically. The combination of stretching and strengthening while being taught by Via how to be mindful of my body and it’s quirks have provided an impressive shift in my body to a more long lasting balanced/healthy state. I would encourage anyone seeking to resolve chronic pain issues to consider experiencing Intelligent Movement Forever with Via. She is an experienced, intuitive and compassionate body worker who listens closely to her clients feedback, providing individually designed solutions to resolve chronic pain. For someone who has experienced chronic pain for over 30 years, Via Page and Intelligent Movement Forever have provided a technique that not only works but seems to last. What a Great Solution. Thanks Via!

– Fred F., yoga student

I attended Via’s first Intelligent Movement Forever class at Yoga Vallarta, and was immediately hooked! The Intelligent Movement Forever training produced immediate results, quieting down a nagging running injury, allowing me to perform stronger, and without any pain – after just one class! Via really tunes into her students’ individual needs and is passionate about seeing us heal and strengthen our bodies. I always leave her class with a big smile. Thank you Via for bringing Intelligent Movement Forever to Puerto Vallarta.

– Jeff H., runner and life coach

Intelligent Movement Forever is the best I have ever experienced for results. It is perfect for me as I work better with a hands-on trainer such as yourself. I continue to actually “feel” the difference in my legs after our sessions in Puerto Vallarta, and I am eager to find someone to continue. The Intelligent Movement Forever stretches improved my body awareness. But, the helpful information which you shared with me about additional exercises is really beneficial to me. Thanks so much for your expertise. I believe it can heal and improve the “most out of shape” body.

- Jo Anne S., semi-retired attorney

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